I’m so glad you’ve decided to visit my page! I’m Bamster, a mid-20s, married, graduate student living in the SouthEast United States. Video games have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family purchased a PlayStation 1 back in the day, and though it was meant to be a family system, I became the sole user of it very quickly. When the PS2 came out, I saved up and bought one for myself and truly developed a gaming habit. I have since moved mostly to the Xbox (primarily due to my desire to stay connected with my friends who played on Xbox), but console gaming has basically been the only gaming I’ve ever known. I may be a peasant to some, but I certainly have fun doing so. Unlike a lot of the gaming blogs, websites and channels out there, you won’t find any game specialization or insane skill level, and you certainly won’t find me playing games for a living. Additionally, you won’t always find me able to buy and experience a game the moment it comes out. This is a site dedicated to those average gamers, the ones who enjoy playing games and trying to get better but also have other aspects of their lives to focus on. Here you’ll find my thoughts on the console world generally, my thoughts on particular games I’ve played, and potential resources for my fellow gamers.

You may be wondering what kinds of games I enjoy playing. The answer is almost all of them! There are very few games that I have found no enjoyment in. I certainly gravitate towards action/adventure RPGs with open-world dimensions, but I also find a lot of pleasure in sports games, arcade-like games, and others. Some of my recent favorites have been Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, NBA 2k, Overwatch, Rocket League and Batman: Arkham City. My tastes are constantly evolving, and I am always open to new things. So if there is a game you’d like me to experience or try that I have not gotten to yet, just contact me and let me know!┬áSo come join me as I meander my way through games with mediocrity, and be sure to share your own moments of mediocrity with me!

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